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The dominance of mobile devices for Internet browsing cannot be overlooked. Therefore, we place great emphasis on the proper functioning of the site on smaller screens. All our projects are responsive, which means that the companies websites adjust their appearance and functionality to each device.

Website implementation process

The implementation of the website for companies and individuals must be approached holistically, taking into account all elements that make up a successful project. The most important stage of the whole process is the analysis, and on the basis of the drawn conclusions we select the best solutions. We confront the possibilities of a particular company with the available solutions and create responsive websites, which are the visual representation of the company; an individual business card, unique in its kind – like a fingerprint. Such a corporate website improves the internal work of the company, automates actions and improves the brand image.

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Consultation and identification of your needs

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Industry analysis

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Design phase

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Programming work

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Performance and safety tests of the site

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Monitoring and analysis of the results

Available website packages

Showcase websites

Simple website dedicated for clients who start their business activity
  • Small amount of content
  • Short time of implementation
  • Standard functionalities and services
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Business websites

Professional websites dedicated for companies
  • Marketing analysis and individual projects
  • Unique solutions and modules
  • Expanded pack of additional services
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Advanced websites

Expanded solutions with automated processes
  • Automation of processes in the company
  • Integration with already existing systems
  • Web and mobile applications
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Warranty and professional service

Put the e-marketing activities and design of a professional website in our hands and sleep well. For each service we provide a guarantee of satisfaction and individual help of a specific person assigned to your project. You are our business partner, not another anonymous project. At any time we provide advice and assistance in matters related to the operation of the website.

Websites knowledge base

The process of ordering is very simple. All that is needed is to contact us via our telephone number or via the form below. We’ll be able to advise you on the optimal solutions and we’ll answer all of your questions. After that, based on the gathered information we’ll provide you with an offer fit for your needs.

Topics related to IT and programming can be complicated for many. We’re always trying though to explain the specific issue, in the most accessible way. Preliminarily the best way to contact us is a telephone call, this way you can easily receive answers for the current questions. Expansion for such conversation can be an individual meeting.

You can contact us via: +48 71 307 06 09

Our cooperation with you starts from the moment you accept our offer. Based on that we’re preparing a contract which serves for you as a confirmation of the proper performance by us of all agreed functions of the website.

Following phases is the creative and programming work. After analysis of your needs, the graphic designer researches your branch and your competition, picks proper functions and on the basis of that creates visualization. After that we present you with the project, in this phase you can supply us with suggested amendments or ask us to prepare a completely new concept. Upon creating graphic design accepted by you we follow with the programming work, which is followed by implementing the content. The last phase is an installation of the website on the server and optimization tests.

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